Welcome to Tekels Park Centre

yogaTekels Park Centre hosts many alternative events such as yoga classes, healing therapy, lectures on general spirituality, science and philosophy, and many other topics. We encourage the guests to take advantage of these events and join if they wish.

These are some alternative/spiritual groups that organise events at Tekels Park Lodge

National Federation Of Spiritual Healers www.nfsh.org.uk

Ayurvedic Retreats www.herbalayur-massages.com

Theosophical groups www.theosoc.org.uk

Stress Free Therapies www.stressfreetherapies.co.uk

Foundation for Theosophical Studies Events www.theosophy.org.uk

FTS Theoversity weekends/lectures - contact Yvonne Louis 01634 813560, or Tina Tregwin 01276 676889.

Annual Weekends are held by the psionic association, the Mazdaznans.

We also have yoga sessions here most days of the week. Camberley lodge of the Theosophical Society meets here on a Monday evening starts at 7:30pm.

The Tekels Park Estate and the guest house is owned by the Theosophical Society in England, which occasionally organizes events on these premises.  The Foundation for Theosophical Studies also sponsors a number of events each year.  More about the Theosophical Society and Foundation events can be found on their websites www.theosophical-society.org.uk and www.theosophy.org.uk

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